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Isolation measuring instrument for the monitoring of the insulation resistance of devices or combinations of units

  • acoustic signalisation of limit exceeding
  • optical signalisation of limit exceeding
  • operating indicator light
  • test key for function control

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Test and measurement technic for medicine and industry

Easy HF-Testing!



Electro surgical analyser for function testing of HF surgical equipment

  • selectable pre-resistances
  • standard-compliant testing
  • easy handling
  • ideal for service


 This development was sponsored by the Ministry of economics Brandenburg and the EU. eu-logo


To show you the workflow with some of our safety tester and function tester we created example tutorials.
For an access to our tutorials please contact us.


Stimu Modul

The GS Testing Module for function tests of electro-stimulation equipment

  • graphical display of signals
  • automatic measurement sequences with PC–software
  • measurement of interference current values
  • identification of floatings
  • measurement of effective current and voltage


HF modul

The GS Testing Module for function tests of HF Surgical Equipment

  • HF - power measurement
  • HF - voltage measurement
  • HF - current measurement
  • HF - leakage current measurement
  • test load resistances 10 Ohm, 25 – 6375 Ohm in steps of 25 Ohm


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S.P.L. Elektronik has carried out the following actions of ILB:

  • BIG Digital Consulting - Analysis of business processes and proposals for implementing the digitization strategy.
  • The participation at the fair "MEDICA 2017" in Düsseldorf.
  • The participation at the fair "MEDICA 2018" in Düsseldorf.
  • The participation at the fair "MEDICA 2019" in Düsseldorf.

Partner and reseller

We have a new reseller in Indonesia.

PT. Mitra Inti Medika
Graha Mas Fatmawati Blok A. 36
Jakarta Selatan 12150  


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